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So many people are troubled because of farms that do not produce healthy foods, people are worried about genetically modified organisms and how much they don’t want to be feeding them to their families. This is leading more and more people, even those without farm space, to begin growing and manufacturing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs. Having an indoor farm can be stressful, and take lots of time out of your life, but if you are making the step forward in producing only the best foods for you and your family, you will soon notice that it is worth all the time and effort. Having a garden, even one that is run inside your home, can be a great help to you and your family. You will save money on your groceries, eat much healthier foods since you know how exactly they were grown and you might even be able to bring in income with any extra you have being sold at a farmer’s market. No matter what your specific reasoning behind choosing to grow your own garden, and make it indoors, remember that no matter how hard it might seem at times, you are making the right choice.

Since you’ve decided to grow plants inside your home, you’re probably thinking to yourself how exactly you’re supposed to get started. Luckily there are numerous resources available to you and many ways that you can get started easily. If you’re a first timer, you’re going to need to take a look at your needs, and assess what type of supplies you need to get started on the right foot. Finding a good set of indoor grow lights is your first step. Since you’ll be growing indoors, and considering what you need for hydroponic supplies, you might struggle with getting the right amount of sunlight to your plants. Worry not, using Eye Hortilux lamps, you will never have to worry about a light going out when you need it the most. If you’re not sure about Eye Hortilux, there is always the option of going with Gavita, another outstanding and industry-leading indoor grow lights supplier.

There are other things that you should get in order if you want to start an indoor garden. You are going to need some hardcore ballasts. These will give you the peace of mind that your lights will always get the right type and amount of power, giving your grow an even amount of lighting at all times, ensuring you the best possible harvest. These are extremely useful, and the newer models are much quieter than in the past. Lumatek produces some of the best ballasts in the world right now. Servicing all your indoor garden needs might be a hard task, but some are very willing to accommodate almost anything you would need to have a successful grow. One thing that you need that is often looked over by many first time growers are air purifiers. Ultra Sun puts out a great air purifier that is sure to keep any contaminates out of your garden and keep your plants as healthy as possible.

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Indoor gardening is popular not only in cites but also in places that have extremes of climate. Large horticulturists who need controlled ambience for their plants have to use huge green houses to grow their plants. All this means that nature needs to be replicated under a roof, within the confines of four walls.


Duplicating Mother Nature indoors is more difficult than people realize. For a successful indoor garden you will need

  • The right light
  • Good ventilation
  • A little humidity
  • The correct temperature


Science has developed various ways of growing plants indoors. One of the most important of those developments has been the use of grow lights or plant lights. Sunlight which is essential for photosynthesis in plants is replaced by these grow lights in indoor gardening.


Grow lights: lamps that help plants grow


High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps have found to be most suitable for indoor plant growth. They provide a light spectrum similar to the sun. These are electrical lights that run on normal household 240 volt current. But they require special fixtures with ballasts. Electricity is passed through a glass or ceramic tube containing a mixture of gases. The blend of gases determines the color of the light.


Types of grow lights


Among the various types of lights that promote plant growth, the two most efficient and widely used are the metal halide (MH) lamps and the high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps.

The MH lamps emit the strongest light in the blue end of the spectrum. It’s cool white light enhances foliage growth.

The HPS lamps emit the strongest light in the red/ orange end of the spectrum. This promotes the flowering and fruiting of the plants.


Benefits of HIGH PRESSURE SODIUM lamps


There are many advantages of using the HPS lamps.

  • These lamps are energy efficient (100 to 150 lumens per watt)
  • They are smaller in size than fluorescent lamps
  • They fit into various fixtures
  • They have a longer bulb life
  • They are relatively less expensive
  • They are also low on maintenance
  • They convert about 50% of energy consumed into visible light


The benefits are many in terms of the production as well

  • Insects respond less sensitively to its monochromatic yellow orange light
  • They emit light in a very narrow range of wavelength which has been found to be ideal for flowering, fruiting and maturation of the plants
  • They therefore help plants reach their full potential in flower and fruit production.


There are advantages and disadvantages of every product in the world. The high pressure sodium HPS lamps too have disadvantages compared to low pressure sodium (LPS) lamp or a metal halide (MH) lamp. In comparison to other lamps these HPS lamps tend to weaker color rendition. But on the whole the benefits far outstrip the disadvantages. So when looking for a lighting option for your indoor garden do not hesitate to opt for the High Pressure Sodium lamp.

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Why should you purchase a 1000W HPS Ballast

Whether you are new or old to indoor gardening, you will know that it can be a very rewarding pass-time. Although, something that can hold a lot of people back from developing on this hobby are the many different aspects that you need to consider, and how the overall process can quickly become overwhelming if you are not used to it. If you are new to growing plants indoors, it is expected that you will have many questions, such as what types of lights you need, as well as why you need to purchase a 1000 Watt HPS Ballast. This article is going to highlight a few reasons why a 1000W ballast is essential for your indoor garden, and where you can look to purchase one for yourself.

Good price.

With the ever-growing popularity of HPS ballasts, progressively more manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce the prices of their product, so that they can provide them to consumers at a lower cost. What this means for you of course, is that you can now afford one of the better ballasts for a price, which is affordable. Furthermore, this means that you can now purchase the best equipment for your indoor garden, in order to ensure that you have the greatest chance of growing your plants successfully.

Additionally, due to the number of different manufacturers who are all looking to compete with each other, there is even more of an incentive to reduce the prices of their ballasts. For this reason, if you are considering purchasing a new ballast for your indoor garden, you need to take the time to fully compare what is available, from the various manufacturers who are competing. By doing this, you are almost assured to find a good price for your needed ballast, and possibly one of the best in the current market.

Reliable components.

Ballasts have been around for years, and over time, their technology has improved significantly in order to give a longer life span to its users, and to prove more reliable at doing its job effectively. There are also now many different manufacturers such as Sunlight Supply, Galaxy, Lumatek, Hardcore, Gavita and Hortilux, who all strive to constantly improve their ballasts, in order to ensure consumer satisfaction. Whilst in the early days of ballasts you may be restricted to just magnetic ballasts, currently you can choose from either Magnetic, Electronic or Digital ballasts. Each has their various advantages and disadvantages, but it does give you more options when you are looking to purchase.

How to pick the best 1000 Watt HPS Ballast for you.

The final reason that you should look to purchase a 1000-Watt HPS Ballast, is because there are many great comparison sites, that can help you to pick the best ballast for you. These sites take into consideration your budget, needs and the availability of the ballast, in order to give you your best choices. However, it is worth remembering that whilst these comparison sites may give you recommendations on which ballast you should look to buy, in the end the ballast you purchase should be based on you doing significant research. This way you can be absolutely assured that you are purchasing the right product for your indoor garden lights.

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Simple tips in setting up hydroponic growing supplies systems

Hydroponics has been increasing in popularity as a means of farming. Indeed, when carried out well, it can indeed be a lucrative venture. With the conditions of growth for plants being controlled, there is a high chance that harvests will be bumper. The secret to making the best of this kind of farming lies in buying all the right hydroponic growing supplies.

There are several things that you will need when going out to make purchases to enable your hydroponics. The most widely known equipment is grow lights. These provide the much needed light for indoor gardening. This is because in indoor hydroponics there really is no sunlight supply and therefore artificial sources of light have to be made use of. When going out to buy these lights, it is important to note that there are quite a number of them in the market. There are some which will be ideal for the plant when it is flowering. Fluorescent lights are best for you when you need the light source to be placed near the plants while MH grow lights are best for vegetable vegetables. You need to do your research on the kinds of grow lights that will be best for the crops you wish to cultivate. Some plants have very specific light needs and this need not be taken simply.

The amount of energy at your disposal definitely matters as well. When you are going out there to look for these equipment, you should aim at using up as little energy as is possible. However, sometimes what really matters is your plant. If your plants need special light to be able to photosynthesise well, you may be forced to go for HPS grow lights. These are not very energy saving but will provide the best light intensity for your crops. However, if you will not be doing any harm to your crops by going for energy saving lamps, then you need to consider the choice of LED grow lights. They are very cost effective and last long as well. In this regard, electronic ballasts also have to be mentioned. The magnetic ballasts are being ditched more and more by hydroponics farmers since electronic ballasts have shown to be better at energy saving. These are gadgets which will help you control the current which flows through the system.

There are indeed very many companies that are involved in the production of hydroponic growing supplies. Usually, you will find disparities in the functionality of these devices. Thus, you need to be aware of who the manufacturer is when deciding to buy these supplies. Durability issues, for example cannot be ignored when making the choice of these gadgets.

When you wish to set up an effective hydroponics system, be aware of all the components that will make even the slightest differences in your harvests. Reflectors and light fixtures make the use of grow lights more efficient and effective, for example. If there are seemingly less important equipment which will nonetheless have an impact on the crops you grow, seriously consider investing in them.

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What to consider when purchasing High Pressure Sodium Grow Lights

If you have decided to take on the task of beginning your own indoor greenhouse, it is likely that you have come across the term grow lights, but might not yet know what exactly you require from one. For instance, you may have heard some wonderful details about them being highly efficient with energy, and a great light source for plants, yet not know why there are so many different wattages for you to choose from. This article will go through some of the core things that you need to consider when purchasing HPS grow lights, so that you can make the right decision.


One of the most important factors about grow lights is the wattage. Usually the available wattages for grow lights stem from 100W all the way up to 1000W and each is perfect for their own suited use. The most popular sizes for grow lights seem to be 100W, 250W, 400W, 600W and 1000W. However, when you are looking to purchase your own you may see other Wattage amounts that are available, and it is up to you as to how many Watts you think you need for your particular garden.

As an example, let us assume that you have 10 plants that you want to grow. The general idea is that for each plant you have 100W, which means that whilst you could go massively overboard and buy 10 individual 100W grow lights, your best bet may be to go with a 1000W HPS instead. Now it is also important that you consider the different growing stages of your plant, as if your plants are still seedlings, they do not need as much light as when they are in the process of flowering. Therefore, it is advisable that in the first stages of your plant you use a less intensive grow light, and then gradually up the amount of Watts to the preferred amount.


The price of the HPS grow lights is also something that is rather critical to keep in mind. There are some who say that you should always try to go for your cheapest option when buying grow lights, but of course, by doing this you are sacrificing the overall quality of your plants. Not only that, but it may also mean that you end up wasting money if the cheap lights stop working, or if your plants do not receive the full nutrients that they would receive from a more expensive grow light.

For this reason, you should generally try to find a price in the middle of being overly expensive, and evidently too cheap. You can discover for yourself what kind of price you should be expecting to pay for what size of grow light, by comparing the multiple suppliers online. However, also remember to keep an eye on the reviews that a company’s products receive by previous customers, as this will give you guidance as to whether you should purchase their stock or not.

Before you buy!

A final note to bear in mind before you decide to buy any high-pressure sodium grow light from any supplier is to do enough research into the company to ensure that they are right for you. This means that you should decide how many grow lights you need, how many Watts you are looking for and what kind of budget you have. If you make sure that the product that you are buying ticks all of the boxes when it comes to grow lights, then you are sure to make a sensible purchase.

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Growing Plants Indoors Using the Galaxy Grow Amp Electronic HID Ballast 1500W 240 Volt

If you are serious about growing plants indoors on a large scale you will need an effective lighting system that will provide you with performance, efficiency and great flexibility. The Galaxy Grow Amp Electronic HID Ballast 1500W 240V, is the preferred option for growers on the market, because it offers the ability to run several high wattage lights.

Galaxy ballasts have a staggered low current start up feature to avoid problems of sudden bursts of energy rushing in when using several ballasts. There is a low voltage ignition which is easier of the life of the lamp. You are also not likely to see the more common problem of arc tubing walls becoming blackened by overuse. In fact, this lamp has the industry’s lowest emissions of RFI broadband giving it a strong reputation for efficiency and performance.

There are two types of HID (high intensity discharge) lights; the metal halide and the high pressure sodium light. Most commonly some growers tend to use lower wattages and risk getting a lower yield of plant, the Galaxy Grow Amp ballast is big enough – with its 1500 watt grow amp to sustain sufficient lighting for an area as big as 2m x 2m.

It is possible to grow lettuce and tomatoes in water, so if you want to use an area indoors to generate hydroponic growing for these fruits and vegetables the Galaxy grow amp will be ideally suited for this purpose. A high intensity discharge lamp uses a smart method of science to operate. The lamp will produce light by means of an electronic arc between electrodes positioned in transparent quartz or an arc tube.

Growers of indoor plants must understand that light is the only real food it needs to grow bigger, stronger, sturdier and with more girth. Everything else the plant receives is simply used by the indoor plant to digest the light more easily. The more light a plant gets, the better it will grow to be and the health of that plant will improve. If you grow a plant with no light in the room, it will surely die.

The Galaxy Grow Amp electronic ballast provides the plants with the food it needs. HID lights actually outclass fluorescent lights by efficiency alone. The HID light also has a better brilliance and balance which your plant will thrive on.

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PH/EC/TDS Meters, for Testing the Waters in Your Hydroponic Garden

The BlueLab, Control Wizard, Hannah Instruments, Milwaukee Martini, PH Meter, and the Water temperature Meter are used to monitor the chemical levels of your plants. The chemical levels of your plants are very important! Monitoring your soils pH levels can help you to have a more successful indoor garden.

Indoor plant growing has so many things that you must maintain, and it can sometimes become very complicated; do not get discouraged, these monitors can help take away some of the confusion. It is very important to keep the pH, EC, and TDS balanced in order to have healthy plants.

For instance, if your water or the soil you have your plants in is not healthy your plants will suffer. Make sure you purchase pH, EC, and TDS Meters when you purchase your soil and your plants. The meters will be the best investment to help ensure the health of your plants. There are many types and brands of meters available, be sure to do your research in order to purchase the meter that will suit your needs.

Some meters are more costly than others. The prices range from $7.95 up to as high as $32. We thrive to be as competitive as anyone else, which allows us to have a more cost-efficient meter for you to choose from. The price of the meter depends on what the meter does or does not do. Our website has many meters that has several features or as few as you would like. Be sure to take the time and read what the meter measures and how the measurements are taken and compare prices as you go. We want to help you afford the supplies you will need to have a successful indoor garden.

We offer pH, EC, TDS meters as well as other accessories and supplies for the beginner or the novice alike. Feel free to browse our website for your everyday indoor garden needs. If you are still having trouble feel free to contact us via e-mail or by phone. We will promptly return your e-mail or if by phone, we have trained specialist waiting to assist you with your grower needs and questions.
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Feliz CFL Grow Lights, 2700 Kelvin, 6500 Kelvin, and Dual Spectrum

The Feliz CFL Grow Light comes in 125 watt, 200 watt, 250 watt, and 300 watt. The Feliz is a cost effective dual spectrum solution for your indoor plant growing needs. The Feliz bulb is specifically designed for use with aeroponic, hydroponic, and soil based growing systems. This bulb is great for full term plant growth systems.

The dual spectrum CFL Lamp is a light that offers a supply of nutritious light that produces blue and red-spectrum light that is awesome to help your plants and vegetables reach their full potential growth. This lamp provides 5,000 lumens and was designed and manufactured to work for at least 10,000 hours. This Feliz bulb is awesome because the grow lights offer less heat which allows the light to be cooler while operating which in turn helps the grower cut costs by not having to install extra ventilation due to the heat and the bulb costs are lower.

The Feliz CFL Grow Lights will work for your plants from seedling to maturity. The Feliz CFL Grow Lights are self-ballasted and come with a six month warranty. This type of bulb promotes a mixed spectrum for growth of the roots. Great for plants that requires high humidity.

The CFL Grow Lights are affordable and cost effective and a great addition to your indoor garden of plants or vegetables. This bulb is cooler and requires less ventilation and costs less to run.

There are several types of Feliz bulbs created for your everyday plant, vegetables, or flower growth needs. Some are made to help with the growth of the roots, some are for the flowering of the plant, and some will work during every growth stage. However, with all of this being said, the Feliz CFL Grow Lights are made with the growers needs in mind. They were created and designed and manufactured to make them affordable, cost effective and be cooler than the normal bulb.

Whether you are a seasoned grower or a beginner, we at Feliz are here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about our products. If you do not know what type of bulb or wattage you may need for your indoor plants, feel free to give us a call!

We offer many manufacturers of indoor grow lamps, from CFL, HPS, Metal Halide, and LED. If you have any indoor gardening needs we are here to support you and answer any questions you may have.

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Gavita Pro 600SE HID 240 Volt Electronic Ballast & Reflector, item number 906045

Using an all in one unit for your indoor garden lighting helps you to improve the quality of the results and the condition of your plants. On top of improvements, you have convenience and ease of use. Everything is there for you and simple to manage, allowing you to do this with very little stress. If you want this, you can look to Gavita Pro. This is a great company that offers exceptional products. For your garden, this is what you are going to need. You will be able to see improvements in growth and health, as well as see this continue over time. With how easy it is to work these, you will be able to be happier about what you have.

The main advantage of using this would be the ballast and reflector combination. This is something that is powerful and effective while in use. You will be able to see great results and you will be able to enjoy the lighting so much more thanks to this. This is made in Holland and will increase your yields by 30% and 50,000 hours of bulb life, a huge improvement for many people. This helps you to give your plants what they need rather than what is the basic. When your plants can grow and improve, what they provide will be so much better.

You are not going to have the ballast and reflector alone, of course. Without the lamp, they are utterly useless, but that does not have to worry you. There is a lamp included that will do the required job and might even exceed your expectations. This will help you to bring light to your garden easily and effectively. Since this lamp is compatible with the unit, you do not have to worry about problems occurring. This will work and you can rely on it for your light. The Gavita Pro 600SE HID 240 Volt, is a great electronic ballast unit.

This is not difficult to use at all. If you want to take advantage of this effective and light weight unit, you can. Its 240 volt, capable power is available to you and is easy to manage, especially since everything is included. You set it up as required and begin using it as soon as needed. This is going to do what you need it to do, helping you to take your plants further. You will be able to count on this for a long time, too, because reliability is offered alongside quality.

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LED Lighting 4 Less GrowPanel Pro, 300W LED Grow Light, GPP-300

The grow light in your indoor garden plays a vital role in its success. For people who have had gardens indoors for a long time, you know how important quality is. For newcomers to this, you need to realize just what you need. An indoor grow light provides plants with what they require for life, light. Without a good one that is appropriate for each stage of the plants’ life cycle, you will not be able to see full and proper growth. To avoid problems, make sure that you have the best one possible. This LED Grow Panel Pro GPP-300 is just that, and it offers so much more than just great lighting.

LED lighting is one of the best options for your plants. While many people might doubt this, the results do not lie. This offers quality while requiring less for use. For long time indoor gardeners, this is going to be a pleasant change. You have something that is much easier to handle while being better for your plants. It offers full spectrum lighting for every stage, it uses less energy, and it provides phenomenal results. This is something that will improve the overall growth of your plants and give you something much better.

Beginners will find a lot of use out of indoor LED lighting. This gives you the chance to give your garden light in a much better, easier way. You have the quality along with the ease of use, something that many newcomers will appreciate. Setting it up is simple and it does not need a large amount of power to work. In fact, this is the green option for you since it consumes a very small amount of energy.

What everyone can love about LED lighting is the fact that it is green. As stated, it consumes a much smaller amount of energy when compared to the competition. This will lower your power bill without sacrificing quality in lighting. Using this for your indoor garden makes it possible to grow and to save with incredible ease and effectiveness.

Safety is also an issue for many. Whether it is burns or fires, many lighting set ups come with their risks. Another part of indoor LED lighting that sets it apart is its safety. This is something that you know you can use and use without any issues arising. For long periods, this will continue to deliver spectacular results without putting you in danger at any point.

You are able to take advantage of all of this and see healthy growth with your plants. The full spectrum lighting means that your plants will be cared for at all stages of life. As they continue to age, you will be able to use this lighting set up continuously to provide them with what they need. It is effective and reliable with this.

The Grow Panel Pro LED lighting is truly marvelous. When you want to give your indoor garden the best, this is where you should turn.

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