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600 Watt Grow Light

High pressure sodium bulbs are quite popular, when it comes to indoor plantation needs. You can set up a perfect greenhouse with use of these bulbs, which provide efficient light energy to help grow your plants properly. These bulbs usually come in different wattage to suit needs of every person. Popular brands are Ultra Sun, Eye Hortilux, Digimax, Sunmaster, Ushio, Lumatek and Solarmax, which offer different types of models for consumers.

You may opt for 600 watt HPS Bulb as it’s considered ideal to support optimum plant growth. These are normally used at flowering and fruiting stage, when plants require greater amount of heat to absorb. Before opting for this bulb, you need to assess your requirements precisely. The choice of perfect bulb for your indoor gardening is based upon type of your ballast. You will find two types of ballasts, which are magnetic and digital ballasts. In comparison to magnetic ballasts, many people prefer to use digital ballasts as they are easy to operate and more heat efficient. They are also easy to set up and overall friendly for environment as well.

No matter which type of ballast you choose, the right choice of bulb is essential to get the maximum output. When it comes to choice of manufacturer for 600 watt HPS bulb, you can either choose a premium or cheap brand. However, cheap brands don’t last long enough to provide value for your money. If you rather go for well-known brands, they come with high reliability as well as good warranty.

When choosing the right bulb, don’t forget to read out specification mentioned in description. The bulbs from different manufacturers vary in specifications. You would see majority of 600 watt HPS bulbs deliver more than 90,000 lumens. As far as life span is concerned, it usually falls above 24000 hours. However, there are exceptions where lifetime of these bulbs is below 20,000 hours. Each bulb also comes with one year of warranty to cover any malfunctions, which may occur to your lamps.

As far as quality of these lamps is concerned, they are manufactured with high quality material. They come with a solid and durable base, which is able to stand the test of time. These lamps are sturdy enough to withstand rough conditions and do not easily break. Each type of bulbs fits with different type of ballast. Most of the bulbs are manufactured free of harmful elements such as lead. This is done by manufacturers to ensure environment friendly manufacturing practices for bulbs. 

A good arrangement of 600 watt HPS bulbs can be enough to support your greenhouse. However, you may proceed with more wattage for bulbs if 600 watt is not enough to fulfill your plantation needs. The high wattage bulbs are usually used for larger growing area, where there is considerable distance in between the bulbs. For wide growing area, high wattage can be the right choice. However, for moderate needs its best to go for 600 watt HPS.

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