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Do Plants Grow Better with Sunlight or Artificial Light? – A Common Question

Do plants grow better with sunlight or artificial light? Well, the fact is that plants can do equally well in either artificial light or natural light if they are receiving the proper amount of light. This will mean using proper grow lights when raising plants indoors. There are pros and cons associated with either type of energy supply we are discussing here, and it often comes down to the number of plants a person is growing and the amount of space they have, when determining whether or not to rely on growing plants indoors under artificial lighting or using the sun.

The average plant needs about six hours of sunlight everyday in order for photosynthesis to occur. This is the process in which plants turn water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight into both oxygen and sugars. In order for plants to be healthy, they must be subjected to the correct wavelengths of the light spectrum. This is why many plants are unhealthy when the only light they receive is from common household incandescent bulbs. The question, “do plants grow better with sunlight or artificial light?” can be answered with a resounding ‘no’ if the light that the plant is receiving is from a run-of-the-mill light bulb.

One of the biggest cons associated with growing plants outside or under natural sunlight is the fact that there is no way to regulate effectively the amount of light the garden will receive. There is also the matter of space to consider. Many home gardeners simply do not have the room to grow a garden outside. This means that they must take their green thumb indoors in whatever extra room they have available. An indoor gardener must rely on HPS, Metal Halide, flourescent, or LED energy sources in order to have healthy plants. But, when it comes to indoor areas, it is a good question to ask, which type of energy is better for them?

Plants will do just fine under artificial lights if the power they are receiving is similar to the amount they would receive in nature. This means that if a person is trying to grow plants that are naturally found in shady areas, they must provide a similar amount of energy. Intensely bright artificial light that is too hot, or that the plants are exposed to for long periods of time, can be more harmful than beneficial. Rather than simply wondering, “Do plants grow better with sunlight or artificial light?” a gardener should take the time to understand exactly what the needs are of the plans they’re trying to grow. If you have any other lighting needs please contact us at

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