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Sun System Trifecta

Every garden needs light, including your indoor one. Failing to provide it with the light it needs could result in your garden not growing properly or fully, which is not what anyone wants. To ensure that your plants are at their best, that is what you have to give them. Using the Sun System Trifecta set is a great way to do this, and even improve the lives of the plants throughout their life cycle. You have a powerful and capable ballast, a quality ballast, and a lamp that can provide constant and reliable light to your plants. You have everything available to you in this one set, which means there is no running around or wasting more money for the same results. The moment you have this complete 1000 watt lighting system set up, you can begin to see just how extraordinary the results really are.

The hardcore remote ballast that this system comes with provides quality and reliable lighting without problems. You can depend on it to light your garden for as long as you need it to, and it may even exceed your expectations. Not only is it powerful and dependable, but it also does more than you might think. It is a switchable hardcore remote ballast, after all, which means you can choose between HPS and MH lighting. While this system does come with an HPS lamp already, you have the option of buying a different one that is either of them if that one does not suit you. It is 1000 watts, runs on 120 or 240 volts, and is completely safe to use. You have fewer worries, both with using it and your garden.

When you open the box, you will find the Econowing Reflector inside. Once you have it hooked up and the lamp is in, it does a phenomenal job giving your plants all of the light they need. It makes the bulbs work better so that your plants are in a better condition, improving everything about the system. This Econowing Reflector is made from quality materials and ready to put together right away. You are not going to have to worry about running into issues or stresses with assembly because of its ease. If you are new to this and are not sure how to do everything, you are going to need something more simple so that you can experience greater results.

The entire reason for this system is to light your plants, which you cannot do without a lamp. The Ultra Sun, 1000 watt lamp that is included is HPS, or High Pressure Sodium, and works incredibly well. It can provide your indoor garden with light without problem, something every garden needs. If you feel that your plants require a different lamp, you can always switch it out for an MH lamp. As stated above, the ballast is switchable so you do not have to stick with this Ultra Sun lamp.

This complete 1000 watt lighting system offers results you cannot see with many other options. You have a set that works together incredibly well to give your plants the help they need to grow, which it does very effectively.

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