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Climate Control

Indoor climate control is a vital aspect when it comes to indoor growing systems. Proper upkeep of your growing environment is necessary whether you are growing tomatoes, herbs or flowers. Having the proper blowers & fans, filters, and water treatment will ensure you have the most efficient and satisfying garden while satisfying your budget at the same time.

Air Purification

Whether you are using grow tents with soil or hydroponic systems, it is important to remove the moisture from the environment in which plants are growing to prevent pests and diseases from overcoming and harming your crop.

We provide different kinds of blowers and fans including:

  • Axial fans
  • Blower fans
  • Incline fans
  • Whisper fans
  • Duct boosters

We also provide all the necessary accessories including elbows needed to customize your ducting system.

How do I choose the right fan for indoor growing?

Indoor climate control can be customized to fit your specific horticulture project. It is important to find the right blowers, and fans for your specific indoor growing room needs. This can be figured out through the use of a simple formula referred to as the cubic feet per minute formula (CFM). It will help you find the most suitable blowers and fans that will take the moist air out of your growing room.

If you are not sure what kind of fan you need for your indoor garden, contact us and we will find the most suitable device for your indoor growing system and your budget. Call toll free to 888.606.2149.

At Grow Light Supply, we take pride in making sure our customers have all the necessary provisions needed to have plentiful and successful indoor gardens. This is why we also offer a variety of air purification (link) methods including:

  • Ionizers
  • Carbon filters
  • Organic filters
Ona Odor Control

We also provide the well-known Ona odor control dispensers and mist sprayers. These inexpensive, efficient and power-saving products effectively neutralize all unwanted odors from your growing area.

Water Treatment

We provide you with the most innovative and inexpensive water treatment methods for your hydroponic or soil gardens. This includes everything from water chillers, treatment chemicals, water filters, and any accessories & parts (link) that may be needed. Our water treatment products are manufacture by outstanding leaders in the horticulture market including EcoPlus, Hydro Logic, Botanicare, and General Hydroponics.

If you have any questions regarding any of our innovative, effective, and inexpensive indoor climate control products, contact us and our expert customer service will address all of your questions and concerns to make your experience with Grow Light Supply a positively memorable one. Call us toll free at 888.606.2149.