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Water Treatment

Water treatment is of high importance to the health and growth of your plants. With our affordable filters and treatment chemicals, you can help improve the quality of the water you introduce to your hydroponics system.

We provide a rich selection of scientifically engineered treatment chemicals including, compost solution, root area conditioner, stress relievers, oxygenators and root developer water treatment to ensure that the H20 introduced to you horticulture system is of the highest quality. This will keep your plants healthy throughout all of their stages and expedite their growth.

Temperature is an aspect that is often overlooked in hydroponics or aeroponics systems (link). Water chillers are an important addition to your grow system because they regulate the temperature in the reservoir.

Why are water chillers important?

The temperature of your water has a direct effect on the level of oxygen the water your grow system contains. As temperatures in the water rise, oxygen levels decrease and it will generate higher levels of bacteria that may harm your plants and affect their growth.

We provide only the most efficient and reliable treatment products available on the market for affordable prices. We also supply all necessary parts and accessories you may need to adapt these innovative products to your specifications and dimensions.

We supply treatment products manufacture by horticulture industry leaders including:
  • Nutrilife
  • HydroRush
  • Grotek
  • General Hydroponics
  • Dutch Master
  • Botanicare

If you have any questions regarding these magnificently efficient and affordable treatment products, please call us toll free to 888.606.2149.