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Blower & Fans

Blowers and fans for your hydroponic, aeroponic, or soil grow room is vital to ensure that the moisture is sucked out of your grow tent (link). Moist air fills the grow room and if it is not dealt with, the stomata cannot perform their duties and it will affect the growth of your plant. Picking the right blowers and fans for your growing environment requires knowledge of the CFM formula.

Do not be turned off by the concept of math, it is quite simple.

How to pick the right blowers and fans using the CFM formula
  1. Divide the area (length x width x height) of your grow room by the number of minutes in which you want the moist air to be sucked out. For example, if you are using a 5x5x7 grow tent, the area would be 175. If you want the moist air completely out in 3 minutes. This could be anywhere for 1 to 5 minutes. It depends on you.

  2. Now divide the area (175) by 3. Round up your result and you should have 43.75. Round this number up to 44 and you have your answer. You would need a fan with a minimum of 44 CFM.

We supply consumers with a rich selection of climate control products (link), and other grow room ventilation equipment including axial fans (multipurpose), blower fans, whisper fans, duct boosters, incline fans and all the necessary controls and elbow fittings that make these affordable products adaptable to any grow room.

If you need assistance picking the right blowers and fans for your horticulture needs, please call us toll free at 888.606.2149. We will help you pick the perfect device that is most suitable for your grow room and you budget.