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Air Purification

Air purification plays an important role in indoor hydroponic, aeroponic and soil growing systems. Having the proper filtration can improve the purity of the air in your grow room to ensure your plants are as healthy as possible. We offer a variety of devices that can be easily adjusted to your particular grow room filtration and odor removal strategy.

Our efficient and affordable air purification products include:
  • Ionizers
  • Carbon filters
  • Organic Filters
  • Odor removing mist sprays and dispensers
Odor Removal

Odor removal products can effectively eliminate any unwanted odors emerging from your grow room. These lightweight, power-saving products come in various forms including gel jars, mist sprayers for use in open areas of your home and devices fitted with variable-speed fans that can be easily adjusted to your grow room ventilation systems.

Our wide array of carbon and organic filters come in several sizes that are sure to fit your ventilation systems perfectly at an affordable price. If you have questions regarding our efficient and cost effective filters or odor removal products, contact us at our customer service center and we will help you find the most suitable product for you particular project. Call toll free to 888.606.2149.