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Grow Light Fixtures & Reflectors

Grow Light Supply is proud to offer the very best bang for your buck when it comes to hydroponic light fixtures and reflectors, also known as plant lights, for your indoor garden projects. You will surely be satisfied with our high quality fixtures and even more impressed with their performance and price.

Many inexperienced indoor garden owners question whether or not a reflector is needed for their horticulture projects. The answer is simple. The reflector is basically the most important part of an efficient grow light system.

Grow light fixtures and reflectors serve multiple purposes including:

  • Holding the light bulb in place
  • Providing an aerodynamic design for proper ventilation controlling the indoor garden environment with help from the built-in cooling flanges.
  • Ensuring the light is evenly focused and properly condensed on your plants instead of bouncing around the room. This will ensure that your plants receive the proper amount of lumens daily, and that you have the most efficient plant light system giving you the best yield possible in your hydroponic garden.

Our fixtures and reflectors are designed to provide the very best output with the adequate light spectrum required for growing a successful indoor garden. This is great for growers that are not able to get the same kind of light during winter. At Grow Light Supply, we make it easy to have the very best growing conditions in your own home.

Our extensive variety of light fixtures include air cooled, water cooled, fluorescent, and compact fluorescent light (CFL) fixtures. You will find the most suitable fixture for your particular growing project.

Our fixtures come in various sizes including 6", 8", and 10", and are compatible with almost any bulb including LED bulbs (link), dual arc bulbs (link), high pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs (link), and metal halide bulbs (link). We also carry an excellent variety of fluorescent light fixtures, and compact fluorescent fixtures (CFL) for growers who are looking for smaller lights. Fluorescent lights provide the red and blue light temperatures to ensure you have a great yield. They also save you money on the electricity bill in the long run and don't produce much heat.

What kind of plant light/fixture should I use?

This is a common question that is brought up by many different growers. If you are unsure of what you may need as far as the type of fixture that may be the most suitable for your horticulture needs, you may contact our expert customer service and we will address all of your questions and concerns to ensure you are 100% satisfied and confident about your purchase with us. Call us toll free at 888.606.2149.