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Complete Hydroponic Systems

Look no further for the most complete, efficient and cost effective aeroponic systems and hydroponics systems available in today's market. At Grow Light Supply, we offer indoor growing systems from a variety of outstanding manufacturers including General Hydroponics and Botanicare. These fantastic companies have redefined horticulture standards with their easy-to-set-up and easily maintained line of products. Our competitive prices make these products suitable for all budgets.

Why use areoponic or hydroponic systems?

Using a complete hydroponic or aeroponic system is much better than using soil, also called geoponics. In fact, many experts have said that soil actually hinders plant growth. This is because plants have to expend a substantial amount of energy to grow their roots so that they can absorb the nutrients from the soil around it. Our indoor growing systems are designed to maximize the efficiency and yield of your personal crop. That means no soil and more nutrients.

Complete Hydroponic Systems

Our extensive variety of indoor growing systems can accommodate anywhere up to 60 plants comfortably in your home. We provide a line of fascinatingly innovative products that take soil completely out of the equation and replace it with a growing media (link) loaded with nutrients that is dissolved in water. This growing media is directly absorbed by the roots of your flowers, tomatoes or herbs. This method is much more effective and will award you with a stunning yield that will surely exceed your expectations.

Complete Aeroponic Systems

This is yet another innovative method that takes efficiency and yield increase to a whole new level. Our indoor aeroponic grow systems offer the best method for growth at the most affordable prices in today's market.

This new system of growing eliminates the use of both soil and water. Instead of traditional planting and the use of grow media, the nutrients are sprayed to create a mist in these enclosed systems while the plants are suspended in the air. Spraying the nutrients directly to the roots provides not only direct consumption of the nutrients, but also, the ability to provide a higher supply of oxygen to the plants since they are suspended.

All of our indoor grow kits come with all the necessary components and hardware needed to set up and maintain a beautiful and successful indoor hydroponic system. Contact us and our expert customer service if you have questions regarding our aeroponic/hydroponic system products. We will address all of your questions and concerns to make sure you are fully satisfied with your purchase and your experience with Grow Light Supply. We want to be your single source for hydroponic supplies. If you have any questions about our complete hydroponic products, contact us by calling toll free to 888.606.2149.