HID Ballast

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HID Ballasts

A high intensity discharge (HID) ballast is used to control the amount of electrical current in a circuit. They are necessary in indoor hydroponics due to the amount of regulated light plants need. Ballasts either run metal halide (MH) grow lights (link) (such as Mogul or HQI lamps), or high pressure sodium (HPS) grow light bulbs (link). A metal halide lamp is in the high-intensity discharge family of lamps that produce high light output for their compact size, while high pressure sodium bulbs use sodium vapor to produce light. Some ballasts will power both HPS and MH bulbs but some are designed for use with one or the other.

When purchasing a horticulture ballast for your indoor growing operation, consider whether or not you need a system that runs HPS or MH bulbs. Ballasts generally come in 120 or 240 volts while others are flexible in that one ballast can be switched from one voltage to another. You simply need the respective cord for the proper voltage (link). Magnetic ballasts feature traditional core and coil components while more modern electrical ballasts have proven to save as much as 15% in power. Consider whether or not you need a ballast that is generator-ready and meets your system specifications before ordering.

Advanced ballasts are quieter than past counterparts. They run smoother, last longer, and start softer so that they increase lamp life and reduce lumen depreciation. With constant wattage output you never have to worry about lamp flickering that was once so common in indoor hydroponics. Choose from 150, 250, 400, 600, 1000, and 1500 watts. Whether you need an extra volt cord, socket, reflector (link), or want to build your own ballast with a kit, you can find it here. Don't waste any more time or energy with outdated horticulture equipment. Update your equipment with the latest ballast technology. Our HPS Ballasts offer everything from electronic to magnetic and 120 to 240 volt.