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HPS Grow Light Bulbs

Uses and Applications

High pressure sodium grow light bulbs are smaller than many traditional fluorescent bulbs. They are very effective for a variety of uses, and can offer much more bang for your buck, if you will. These efficient bulbs are a great solution for grow lights (link) when your plants are in the budding and flowering phase. You simply need to take the time to determine what your illumination needs are, and then find the high pressure sodium lamps that meet those needs the best. Some people like to work with these bulbs because they are bright and offer more power with less energy use. Others like them because they are good for fruit bearing and flowering plants when they've reached the stage to begin these processes.

When it comes to the uses of high pressure sodium grow lamps, the color that is emitted by these lamps is often the main focal point of use for many people. The red spectrum that is emitted is great for many applications, but mostly it is the high pressure that puts off about 100 to 150 lumens per watt of illumination. That means that you get really bright lamp from a relatively low-power bulb, which is a great solution for everyone. Considering the brightness of these lamps, they are effective for street fixtures and outdoor security fixtures for just about anyone. However, they can also provide a variety of other applications, including growing plants, illuminating homes, and even use in commercial applications.

High Pressure Sodium Light Bulbs

High pressure sodium light bulbs do require a little extra TLC in some cases, because they have so many chemical reactions going on inside of them. If you take the time to learn about everything that they do, you might think that they're an accident waiting to happen. However, the bulbs are especially made the way that they are made to handle those chemical reactions, right down to the combination of gases and the alumina tube (translucent aluminum oxide), which is much stronger than the standard glass and other materials used in other fluorescent lighting situations. High pressure sodium bulbs belong to the high intensity discharge (HID) family, which explains their more illumination/less power situation. They're made that way on purpose, as are the rest of the high intensity discharge bulbs that you can buy.

It doesn't matter what you're trying to grow or how much light you need, because you should take a minute to consider a high pressure sodium light bulb to illuminate the way for you. There is no limit to the great things that these bulbs can do, and you can always find some way to benefit from them no matter what you do. Don't sell yourself short, because you deserve to be able to get the perfect light every time. If that light comes from high pressure sodium lamps, then that's a great choice for efficiency and high quality light without paying the price for extra power. Whenever it comes to outdoor or plant lighting, or other applications that require a lot of illumination from a low power source, you need to consider HPS lamps as one of the many options that you have for your illumination and growing needs. You will not find a better offering of HPS Lamp(s)