Axial Cooling Fans

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Guarantee These excellent quality axial cooling fans can be used in any application where ventilation/air movement is required. They are very reliable and will provide years of trouble-free use. Includes detachable 6 ft power cord and a 1 year warranty.

Code # Description Amps Watts CFM Shape Power Cord
736875 EcoPlus 3.25" Axial Fan .07 5 25 Square Included
736880 EcoPlus 4.50" Axial Fan .23 24 112 Square Included
736885 EcoPlus 6.0" Axial Fan .25 28 235 Round Included
736890 EcoPlus 8.0" Axial Fan 1.0 102 647 Square Included
736895 EcoPlus 10.0" Axial Fan .62 102 806 Round Included

What is an Axial Fan?

An axial fan forces air to flow parallel to the fan shaft where the blades rotate. Axial flow -fans move the air across the center axis of the fan. This type of fan is used in a wide variety of hydroponic applications, ranging from small cooling fans for plant lights (link) to an Indoor Greenhouse (link).

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  • Model: 736875
  • Manufactured by: Replacement Parts