Lumatek Electonic Ballast | 240V 750W HPS Grow Light | 902550

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750 Watt 240 Volt High Pressure Sodium Dimmable Growing Ballast

No. 902550 Lumatek Electronic Ballast 240V 750W HPS Grow Light This 750 watt Lumatek Electronic Ballast will run high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps. It operates on 240 volts of power and can strike lamps from 65 feet (or longer distances when combined with a Lumatek long range igniter). The ballast is compatible with all Smart Volt power cords and runs completely silent. To ensure durability, the ballast features an internal resin coating and an external breaker system to protect it from power surges. With the ability to power different wattage lamps and provide 10% more light with the flip of a switch, it's the ideal ballast to serve your indoor growing needs.

Lumatek Electronic Ballast Features:
  • Dimmable: Ballast can be dimmed to 50%.
  • Dual Voltage: 600W / 750W Dimmable 240 Volt
  • Multi-Wattage: Power different wattage lamps on the same ballast.
  • Super Lumens: Up to 10% more light at the flip of a switch.
  • Will operate on 240 Volt power.
  • Can strike lamps up to 65 ft. from ballast and even at longer distances when used with a Lumatek long range igniter.
  • Internal resin coating protects components for long life.
  • External breaker system protects against power surges.
  • Completely silent.
  • Compatible with Smart Volt power cords.
  • 3 years full + 2 years pro-rated warranty.

  • Model: 902550
  • Manufactured by: Lumatek