Organic Hepa Air Greenhouse Filters 4 in. | 700900

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HEPA Grow Room Odor Control Filter Purifer

The Organic AIr Greenhouse HEPA filter is has a super tight, synthetic HEPA weave uniquely formed for maximum air flow by using opposing dual con technology. This Organic Air Grow Room HEPA fiber doesn't allow penetration of most things besides air. Reduces over 90% of all molds, bacteria and 99% of all insects entering your grow room through your intake fan. Attach directly to your fan. This filter is 4in in diameter.

HHEPA Filter Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 6.4L x 6.4 W 7.6H (in.)
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • UPC Bar Code | 6943764510108

Note: HEPA filters need plenty of air flow, it is NOT recommended that you use an 8-inch filter with an 8-inch blower for instance. It would be much more beneficial to use an 8-inch filter with a 10-inch fan.

HEPAs need the air flowing as fast as possible and in order to do this, you should step up the fan or blower size and use a duct reducer (Reducer Ring Kit sold separately) to attach your HEPA filter to the blower. Again, use a larger fan size than the HEPA filter size.

  • Model: 700900
  • Manufactured by: Ideal-Air