Philips 1000 Watt Agro Lite XT HPS Grow Light Bulb | 902811

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1000W Philip Super High Pressure Sodium Light Bulb

The Philips Agro-Lite 1000W HPS light bulbs is designed with improved spectrum output to enhance natural plant growth. The Philips Agro Light XT has a 30% increase in the blue region of the spectrum to enhance plant growth. The Agro Lite HPS lamp offers 6% more light output than a standard HPS bulb with and initial lumens of 146,000. Please see our complete array of 1000 Watt HPS Lamps (link).

  • Brand: Philips Lighting
  • Model: C1000552 / Agrolite XT
  • Wattage: 1000 Watts
  • Lumens: 146,000
  • Base: Mogul E39
  • Ballast: S52 1000W HPS
  • Shape: E-25
  • Burning Position: Universal
  • Life (hours): 24,000+
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • UPC Bar Code: 046677134686

Agrolite C10000552 Hydroponic Enhanced Performance Grow Plant Bulbs

Philips Agro-Lite grow lamp has an enhanced light spectrum making it ideal for supplemental lighting of greenhouse crops. It is designed to provide added plant production and quality.

This 1,000 watt HPS grow light puts the most cutting-edge technology to use. The Philips Agro Lite XT is designed with an improved spectrum output to promote enhanced plant growth. This is a great solution for growers with indoor gardens that are looking to provide more output than the traditional HPS bulbs.

Its universal design allows it to be used with most HID ballasts (link), and deliver outstanding performance. With a long-lasting bulb life of over 24,000 hours, this high-pressure sodium bulb will produce a rich supply of red spectrum light for your hydroponics system (lnk), or indoor garden setup.

Benefits of using HPS bulbs for growing

High-pressure sodium bulbs will benefits your crops considerably. This is because HPS bulbs (link) produce red spectrum light. This spectrum of light should be applied to your plants during their flowering/fruiting stages because it promotes very aggressive growth for herbs flowers. When used on fruits, and vegetables it promotes the same rate of growth, and produces better-tasting, and more succulent yields.

If you have questions regarding Philips Agro Lite bulbs or any 1,000 watt HPS bulbs (link), please contact our customer service center. Call toll free to 888.606.2149.

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  • Model: 902811
  • Manufactured by: Philips