GE 600 Watt Lucalox Super HPS Grow Light Bulb | 901583

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600W High Pressure Sodium Grow Light Bulb

The GE Lucalox 600 Watt HPS Lamp uses state of the art technology in this high pressure sodium lamp. It boasts extra PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) for excellent light quality. Get your GE Lucalox PSL/XO Lamp 600W today and see the latest in high pressure sodium bulbs. Note: There has been reported issues with the Lucalox PSL with electronic ballasts. Please use these lamps with magnetic grow light systems only. See our complete line of 600W HPS lamps (link).

GE Lucalox PSL/XO Features:
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Super high output lamp technology
  • Optimized spectrum, distribution pattern, lumen output and illumination
  • Reliable operation throughout the growth cycle
  • Highest quality and consistent performance
600 Watt Lucalox PSL/XO Specifications:
  • Burn Position: Universal
  • Bulb type: T-17
  • ANSI Code: S106
  • Average Life: 18,000 hrs
  • Ballast Type: S106 600 Watt HPS
  • Initial lumens: 90,000
  • GE Lighting part number: Lucalox PSL / XO
  • UPC Bar Code: 043168418508

General Electric Agro Growing Plant Bulbs

This 600 watt Super HPS grow bulb, manufactured by GE, employs the very best lamp technology to deliver optimized spectrum and high lumen light for hydroponics systems or other indoor garden setups. The GE Lucalux HPS light has an extensive bulb life averaging at up to 18,000 hours. Take advantage of GE technology to extend the growing season to a full 365 days.

What are the benefits of GE Super HPS bulbs?

It is no surprise that proper lighting is key to successful growing. However, this Super HPS bulb pushes performance levels to new limits. It will provide a rich supply of high lumen, red spectrum light to your flowers, fruits, herbs, or vegetables.

Red spectrum light is important for plants growth because it promotes aggressive growth in plants that are in the flowering/fruiting stages. Having proper amounts of nutritious red spectrum light will give you better-tasting and more succulent fruits and vegetables.

If you have any questions regarding 600 Super HPS bulbs (link), or any other product, please call our customer service center. Call toll free to 888.606.2149.

Lucalox PSL 600 Watt HPS grow bulbs from GE offers superb performance and reliability. Lucalox's spectral content ensures optimum growth rates, allowing shorter cultivation times with less expenditure on chemical fertilizers. Whether used as a constant growth source, or simply to extend day-length, the Lucalox 600 Watt HPS grow bulb can help you achieve high yields with complete control. This means more produce and a heavier crop, even in the middle of winter. The GE Lucalox 600W HPS lamp can satisfy the needs of even the most sophisticated and demanding growers.

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  • Model: 901583
  • Manufactured by: GE