Sun System Luxor 8" Fan Air-Cooled Reflector | 904700

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The Luxor 8 inch Reflector is a vertical burning lamp in a symmetrical reflector. It has superior output with its 98% reflective European aluminum interior. Its corners are 95% reflective, which provides ideal uniformity. The reflective chamber is completely sealed and glass is double-gasketed, so the need for maintenance is low. Thumb screws and a closure mechanism ensure a tight seal and make this reflector easy to use.

Symmetrical Fan Chilled Grow Light Hood

Reflector Features:
  • Vertical burning lamp configuration in a completely symmetrical reflector provides optimal light usage from the lamp.
  • Computer 3D modeled reflector and optic for superior performance.
  • New 98% reflective European aluminum interior for unmatched output.
  • Textured 95% reflective corners help create near perfect uniformity.
  • Specifically optimized to eliminate hot spots from your growing area.
  • Innovative unrestricted airflow designed to cool inside and outside of reflector resulting in lower ambient room temperature.
  • Completely sealed reflective chamber, with double gasket glass, ensures air tight performance, and reduced maintenance.
  • Robust reflector design and materials provide superior strength and longevity.
  • New capture thumb screws & closure mechanism for ease of use and excellent sealing.

  • Model: 904700
  • Manufactured by: Sun System